Monday, 14 May 2012

Handspinning: Seascape Yarn

This is my most recent yarn. I seem to have an abundance of green and blue fibres so I thought I'd use some of them up. I thought it would be easiest to photograph each stage so you can see the process from the fibres to the finished yarn. I kept this as a single ply yarn, mainly because during the spinning process I allowed some sections to become thicker and thinner so the finished yarn has a mix of textures. Some of the areas with more fibres are lighter and fluffier, whereas the thinner sections have more colour definition. I have used 100% merino fibres because they are easy to spin, they make soft yarn and are available in lots of pre-dyed colours. 

At the moment I am also working on some sock yarn made with natural coloured Blue Faced Leicester fibres, so once that is done I'll get back to the dyeing!

My Seascape yarn is available to purchase HERE!

The selection of fibres in various colours.

Hand carding for blending and making rolags.

A group of rolags.

Halfway through the spinning - yarn on the bobbin.

Finished skein of yarn.

Here's a nice wee close up!