Saturday, 8 October 2011


It's that time of year again where hats and jumpers are allowed a few months of fresh (and icy) air, instead of festering in the bottom of the wardrobe. Thank goodness! Every knitter loves winter.
I thought I would begin this blog with the pleasant results from handpainting some handspun corriedale yarn. Just a few inches of cuff to go:

Hand dyed mittens

I used an old picture frame with a few screws as pegs to re-skein the yarn into sections ready for dyeing. It was my first time using any kind of dye for yarn. I had some navy and purple Ashford acid dyes, although the purple looks more like magenta. Perhaps I mixed the dye solution with a bit too much water, but I can see myself using dyes rather often once I've built up a small collection of colours to play with. Next time I will take some photos.

Now I have my wool/fibre stash organised and I'm ready to begin some serious knitting.

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